Terms and conditions

At Dagtickets we want to be very strict clear under which conditions we sell our tickets to our customers. With these general conditions it should be clear which rights and obligations both us and our customers have. We also want to make sure everything is clear to you.

Article 1: Definitions

In these general conditions we are referring to:

  • DAGTICKETS: the seller of tickets
  • USER: the buyer of tickets
Article 2: application of these general conditions
  • 2.1: These conditions apply to all services and products provided by DAGTICKETS unless something else is mentioned.
  • 2.2: Using your ticket is subject to the general conditions of specific attraction. These general conditions can be requested at the specific attraction.
Article 3: Availability of tickets
  • 3.1: Tickets provided on the websites of DAGTICKETS are without obligation and subject to availability.
  • 3.2: Each ticket has limited validity and is only valid for a specific day or period. DAGTICKETS will always mention this validity on both our website and the tickets. After this day or period the tickets will no longer be valid.
  • 3.3: If the tickets are valid for a specific period, the USER is free to pick whatever day in that period, unless explicitly stated. The tickets can only be used during regular opening times of the attraction.
Article 4: Realisation of the agreement
  • 4.1: USER will place an order through one of the DAGTICKETS websites whereas the total amount of the order will be clearly visible to the USER.
  • 4.2: The tickets will only be sent to the USER when the payment is successfully completed and received by DAGTICKETS.
  • 4.3: Tickets will always be sent digitally. USER will receive an email with the tickets attached as a PDF file. USER is responsible for printing the tickets or showing the tickets on a mobile device so the tickets can be scanned at the entrance of specific attraction.
  • 4.4: It is theUSER’s responsibility to safely store and not spread and share the tickets. If the tickets are spread and shared the tickets can be declared unvalid. In this case no restitution will take place.
  • 4.5: If the USER haven’t received an email with the tickets after completing the order, USER can contact the customer service of DAGTICKETS so DAGTICKETS can assist USER with that issue. DAGTICKETS can not be held responsible for emails that were delivered but not received, DAGTICKETS can however provide proof of deliverance to USER.
  • 4.6: DAGTICKETS is entitled to cancel or reject an order without providing reasons within 3 days. In that case any completed payments will be refunded to USER.
Article 5: Payments and prices
  • 5.1: All prices mentioned are including VAT, taxes and any other additional costs.
  • 5.2: DAGTICKETS has the right to change prices of tickets. Should a specific promotion have limited availability, DAGTICKETS is entitled to change the prices as soon as the promotion is no longer available. In this case USER is in no way entitled to a lower price for the same tickets.
  • 5.3: Payment can only be done through our website using one of the available payment methods.
  • 5.4: If the payment is not complete or not received by DAGTICKETS the USER is no longer entitled to receive the tickets and will have reorder the tickets.
  • 5.5: The process of ordering tickets can take 30 minutes. If the order is not completed after 30 minutes the tickets will be removed from the order and the USER will have to start a new order.
Article 6: Right of withdrawal
  • 6.1: In specific situations USER can use his or her right of withdrawal as described in Dutch law. This means that the agreement between DAGTICKETS and USER can be cancelled within 14 days without giving reasons.
  • 6.2: If USER wants to claim its right of withdrawal USER will have to inform DAGTICKETS within 14 days after purchasing the tickets.
  • 6.3: DAGTICKETS is obliged to process the cancellation within 14 days after it was notified by USER.
  • 6.4: If the right of withdrawal applies to USER, DAGTICKETS will have the barcodes checked by the attraction, after which DAGTICKETS will cancel the barcodes and will refund the USER.
  • 6.4: Right of withdrawal is only applicable to tickets which are not valid for a specific date. For tickets ordered for a specific date or specific events the right of withdrawal is not applicable and these tickets can’t be cancelled.
Article 7: Usage of tickets
  • 7.1: With the exception of the right of withdrawal, purchased tickets can’t be changed or cancelled and restitution is not possible.
  • 7.2: Each ticket has a unique barcode. This barcode can not be folded. If the barcode is damaged and the barcode can’t be scanned the barcode can be refused. USER is responsible for printing the ticket or showing the ticket at the entrance of specific attraction on a mobile device.Copying the tickets is not allowed and useless as the barcode can only be used once.
  • 7.3: It is not allowed to resell tickets with a profit and it is not allowed to use tickets for commercial activities without explicit permission from DAGTICKETS
  • 7.4: Each ticket can only be used once, as the barcode is unique and can only be scanned once.
Article 8: Liability of DAGTICKETS
  • 8.1: The liability of DAGTICKETS is limited to the total amount of the order and can not exceed the value of the order.
  • 8.2: DAGTICKETS can never be held responsible for any damage as a result of visiting a specific attraction or one of DAGTICKETS websites.
  • 8.3: All information with regards to the specific attraction is the sole responsibility of the attraction itself. The attraction is also responsible for any matters related to the visit. DAGTICKETS is only responsible for providing the tickets.
  • 8.4: In case of an outage which results in the payment not, partly, or in time can be finished DAGTICKETS can be held responsible. Tickets are only sent to USER if the full payment is received and processed.
Article 9: Final provisions

For every agreement between DAGTICKETS and USER Dutch law is applicable. DAGTICKETS has the right to change the terms and conditions.