Privacy-statement (last updated 25th may 2018)

At Dagtickets privacy we think the privacy of our customers is very important. On this page you can find all the necessary information about how we deal with your personal data, how we store that data and how you can get your data changed or removed.

Our website

If you visit and use our website, we keep track of what pages you visit and you visit them. As soon as you proceed to make an order, we will save more information such as name, contact details, email address and IP address. We save this data to process your order and help you in any case of problems with your order.

We keep all data related to your order for 26 months. We do this so we can help you with support, we also need to keep track of these orders for our financial administration. After these 26 months your data will be automatically deleted.

Third parties

We don’t share your personal information with any third parties, unless this is needed to process your order or if the Dutch law requires us to do so, for example when fraud is suspected. There are several third parties however, with whom we do share some information. With these parties we have made agreements on how the data is used but also how your data is safe with them as well.

On our websites you can find social media buttons. When using these social media buttons you share personal information with respective social networks.


Dagtickets is using cookies to have a functional website. Cookies are small files in which we store information so we can recognize you and provide you with specific functionalities on our websites.

On your first visit to Dagtickets you will get a notification about the usage of cookies on Dagtickets. In this notification we explain to you how we use cookies, and that you agree to us using cookies by accepting the terms or continuing your usage of our website. If you choose not to accept cookies our website unfortunately won’t work like intended.

Dagtickets is working together with several third parties that are also using cookies on our website. Although we made agreements with these third parties about the data they collect you can also read their respective privacy statements to see how they manage their cookies.

It is always possible to manage your settings for these cookies. These settings can be found here.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor visitors on our website and usage of our website. Please be advised we don’t give Google Analytics permission to use analytics data for any other Google service. All IP addresses are anonymous.


We care about your personal data. That’s why all date we keep and store is secured. Your personal information is encrypted, we use SSL certificates on all website and make sure our software is up to date and our servers are running on up to date software as well. We are also constantly looking at improving our security to make sure your data is safe with us.

View and modify your data

If you want to know what personal data we have of you, you can always get in touch with our customer service. We can provide you with an overview of that data. Also you can modify the data or have the data deleted. If you contact us, make sure to mention the email address as all data is connected to your email address.