Boudewijn Seapark Brugge

Boudewijn Seapark Brugge

Brugge, Belgium

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Experience a dolphin family day at Boudewijn Seapark Bruges: 3 performances, 20 outdoor attractions, an outdoor water park and 12 indoor attractions!

Enjoy the brand new dolphin show “EchoMaris” and get to know one of the most special species of our oceans, the bottlenose dolphin. Be surprised by their power, elegance and extraordinary talents in this catchy live experience. Thanks to wonderful images of nature on a gigantic video screen, you get to know their underwater world and the other animals that live there. But this performance also makes you aware of their threats, the plastic soup in our oceans and what people can do about it… Listen to the echo of the sea, EchoMaris!

In the sea lion theater you go on a world trip together with impressive sea lions. Discover the world of California sea lions in this captivating, educational presentation full of surprises! Also visit the beautiful seal lagoon in the middle of our green park and discover everything about one of the most famous inhabitants of our North Sea.

Boudewijn Seapark does not only offer performances. The amusement park also has 20 outdoor attractions such as the cool family coaster Orca Ride, the pirate boat Sancta Maria, or the giant playgrounds. Have fun in the shallow outdoor water park Bobo's AquaSplash with 8 slides, the Splash Bucket and sun-drenched sunbathing area with free WiFi.

Rainy weather? Then Bobo's Indoor with 10 indoor attractions provides hours of fun!

Boudewijn Seapark Brugge
Boudewijn Seapark Brugge

A. De Baeckestraat 12
8200 Sint-Michiels, Brugge

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