Domein van de Grotten van Han

Domein van de Grotten van Han

Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium

On Dagtickets you can easily order cheap tickets with a discount for the domain of the Caves of Han. Choose the number of tickets you want to order and add the tickets to your shopping cart. If you want to complete the order for Caves of Han, you can pay for the tickets easily and safely in the familiar environment of your own bank.

With a PassHan ticket you have access to the entire domain of the Caves of Han, including the Caves of Han, the Wildlife Park, PrehistoHan and the Han 1900 museum.

Reservation required
Due to the corona measures, you must book a visit to the Caves of Han in advance. After your order has been completed, you will receive a unique code with which you can easily and quickly reserve a ticket on the Caves of Han website. You will immediately receive your reserved tickets for the Caves of Han.

On Dagtickets you can order cheaper tickets for Domein van de Grotten van Han. Select the number of tickets you want to order and add them to your shopping basket. Finish your order by paying using our secure and safe checkout, after which you will receive the tickets within a few minuts. Just print the tickets and show them at the entrance of Domein van de Grotten van Han.

You will soon be able to order tickets for Domein van de Grotten van Han.

Pure Wildlife and a Mysterious Underground World!

Be enchanted by the magical Cave of Han and go on an adventure in the Wildlife Park. An unforgettable experience!

The Wildpark, the largest animal park in Belgium in a green oasis
250ha of protected nature. That's the Wildlife Park. Via a beautiful 3 or 6 km walking trail or aboard the Safari car you will come face to face with Europe's largest predators, including the Big 5 (lynx, bear, wolf, bison and wolverine) . In the meantime, you can fully enjoy the breathtaking panoramas. And as icing on the cake, you will discover the Berenbos, a domain of 2 hectares dedicated to the brown bear.

Visit Wildpark with the Safari-car : 1h30

Visit Wildpark on foot: 3 to 4 hours

The enchanting Cave of Han and its impressive spectacle “Origin”
Dive underground and discover the geological wonders of the Cave of Han with its subterranean river and numerous stalactite formations. During the visit you will discover the most beautiful rooms of the Cave, you will be enchanted by the fairytale new lighting and you will experience a magical moment during the 360° spectacle “Origin”. An enchanting visit awarded with 3 stars in the Michelin Guide!

Visit Cave : 1h15

The PassHan ticket gives you access to the Wildlife Park (on foot or by Safari car), the Cave and the PrehistoHan museum, a fascinating archaeological exhibition.

Did you know?
The Domain of the Caves of Han is located in the first Geopark in Belgium: the UNESCO Global Geopark Famenne-Ardenne.

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Domein van de Grotten van Han
Domein van de Grotten van Han

Rue Joseph Lamotte 2
5580, Han-sur-Lesse

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