Plopsaland De Panne

Plopsaland De Panne

Adinkerke, Belgium

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During the winter months, Plopsaland De Panne is transformed into a wonderful winter landscape with hundreds of Christmas trees, colorful Christmas baubles, heartwarming animations and a thousand and one enchanting lights.

Warm yourself by the crackling campfires or drink a delicious hot chocolate in one of the catering outlets or at the cozy Christmas market on and around the Dorpsplein. Dream away with a wintry story full of enchanting video projections on the facade of Mayaland. Luminaria, the spectacle full of music, light and special sound effects, is not to be missed! Illuminated sculptures of your favorite Plopsa characters during the Light Festival make your winter trip through Plopsaland De Panne even more magical.

Discover more than 50 breathtaking rides, including the No.1 best new coaster: The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland. Brave the sharp rocks of De Grote Golf in Wickieland with Halvar. Catching crooks with Mega Mindy on the Flying Bicycles, a magical boat trip through the beautiful Bos van Plop or a dizzying ride in the K3 Roller Skater? It's all possible in Plopsaland De Panne!

Plopsaland De Panne
Plopsaland De Panne

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