Personal data

At Dagtickets we think privacy is an important matter. On this page you can find all necessary information about how we deal with your personal data, how we store that data and what possibilities you have to have that data changed or removed.

This page contains the following sections:

What data do we process?

If you make an order on our website we require specific data such as name and email address. In most cases we also ask for your home address. Please find below what data we collect and process:

First and late name
We like to know your name so we know who made the order. This also helps our customer service to address you in a personal manner.

Email address
We need your email address to confirm your order. Also we sent out the tickets for your order to the email address you used for you order. We share your email address with our payment provider Multisafepay so they can use your email address as a reference for your order.

Although most communication is done through email, we still ask for your address to prevent any form of fraud and to identify you when you contact our customer service. We will never send anything to your address unless explicitly requested. We share your address with our payment provider Multisafepay so they can limit the risk of any fraud.

Phone number
Adding a phone number to your contact details is optional. We only use your phone number in case of problems with your order, e.g, we can’t deliver your tickets. We will never ever use your phone number for marketing related matters.

Payment details
Our payment provider Multisafepay Multisafepay is processing the payment and will store payment details such as payment method and bank account. However, they don’t store creditcard details and thus we won’t be able to see any creditcard details. Your bank account will be stored in case of any refunds that need to be processed.

IP address
Your IP address will be saved when you start an order. Also all website visits will be stored into our server log files. We need this information to analyse and solve any issues and bugs in our systems.

All data mentioned above will be saved and stored when you start (also when you don’t finish) an order. There is also some data saved and stored in other cases, which are mentioned below:

Customer service
If you contact our customer service through email or livechat we will save your email address and name. We need this data to be able to personalize our services and contact you through email. If you use our Livechat service, your email address will also be shared with LiveChat Inc.

We offer our customers the option to create an account. This account can be used on all websites managed by Leisuree. If you want to create an account we will need your name, email address and you need to add a password to your account. One of the benefits of an account is you won’t have to add your contact details for every order you make.

If you want to receive our newsletters you will share your email address with us and Mailchimp, which we use to manage our subscription lists and create and send our newsletters. To personalize these newsletters we will look at your order history and any attractions you set as your favourites.

If you want to unsubscribe from our newsletters you can do so by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of our newsletters, or by contacting our customer service.

We provide customers to add a review of Dagtickets or the attraction you visited. As soon as you add a review you agree to us publishing your name and review. Please note we won’t publish your email address. We will however share your email address with the Feedback Company with whom we work together for collecting and publishing reviews.

Site behaviour
Sometimes we collect data on site behaviour of visitors on our websites. We use this data to see where our websites need improvements. For this we can also work together with third parties, all data however will be anonymous in both cases.

Personal recommendations
Just like site behaviour we also collect data on which pages you visited. Using this data we can serve you more personalized advertisements on external websites such as search engines and social networks. For this purpose we use cookies on Dagtickets. Third parties can also add cookies to your browser to help us with that. Please be aware you can always manage your cookie settings here here.

Data retention

We are using the following data retention periods:

Name and email address for your order: 26 months

Address details for your order: 14 months

Name and email address for newsletter subscription: As long as you are subscribed to our newsletter. After unsubscribing we will remove your name and email address from our database after 26 months.

Account: As long as your account is active we will save and store the personal data attached to your account. After your account is cancelled we will remove your data after 14 months.

All other data is saved and stored for a reasonable amount of time to help us with all purposes mentioned in this document. Also, some data can be kept longer if Dutch law requires us to do so.

Securing data

Security is very important to us. All information submitted to Dagtickets through our website is secured by using a SSL certificate. As soon as we receive your data we will encrypt the data. Access to your data is limited to only a few people that are actually involved in processing your order.

Sharing your data

We will only share your data with third parties if this is required for the service we provide you with. Mentioned above you can find more information about when, why and what data we share with third parties. Also we can share you customer details with specific attractions, however we don’t share your data by default and will only do so if there’s a relevant question from you or from the attraction.


Dagtickets is using cookies to have a fully working and functional website. Also some third parties (such as Google and Facebook) will add cookies to your browser to analyse your visit, enrich your browser experience by personalizing social media and to provide you with personalized advertisements and offers from Dagtickets. By using our website you agree to the usage of these cookies. You can also manage and adjust your cookie settings here. For Dagtickets we use 2 different types of cookies:

Functional cookies
These cookies are required for a functional website and to be able to make an order on our website. These cookies also make sure you can login to your account.

Cookies for personalized content
These cookies are mostly added and used by third parties and make sure we can personalize your content and provide you personalized advertisements using third party websites. These cookies are not mandatory but help us serve you suitable advertisements. Third parties that use these cookies are Google, Bing, Daisycon and Facebook. All the data processed is as anonymous as possible.

View and modify your data

If you want to know what data we have collected about you, you can always get in touch with our customer service. We can provide you with a detailed overview of the data collected and stored on our servers. We can also modify that data or completely remove that data.

Please be aware that we use your email address to identify you, so please use the email address that you want to know more about to send us your request.

Privacy statement

All information mentioned above can also be found in our privacy statement.