Plopsa Indoor Coevorden

Plopsa Indoor Coevorden

Dalen, Netherlands

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Experience an extraordinary amount of indoor & outdoor fun in Plopsa Indoor Coevorden. All little poppers between 2 & 10 years old can experience their first adventures here on more than 25 enchanting attractions. Celebrate an enchanting Christmas with the crazy clown Bumba and the sweet bee Maya. Take your favorite Plopsa heroes in your hand and dance together in thousands of whirling snowflakes on the Village Square of Plopsa Indoor Coevorden.

Are you a real daredevil? Swing the tiles off the roof together with your favorite K3 in the K3-Disco and then take a dizzying ride on the K3-Zweefmolen. Can it go even higher? Fly up and down quickly past Wickie's Lighthouse. Brave a boat trip on the Woeste Zee together with Piet Piraat and fire a cannonball like real pirates. Race close together with Wickie The Viking along the rugged rocks and jump back and forth on the back of a frog.

Want to get some fresh air? Discover the outdoor area of Plopsa Indoor Coevorden. A lot of cute animals are waiting for you and climb the mega-sized Climbing Mountain and then slide down the slide.

Plopsa Indoor Coevorden
Plopsa Indoor Coevorden

Reindersdijk 57
7751, Dalen

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