Ieper, Belgium

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Bellewaerde will open again on April 1, 2023. For the current opening times and days, check the website of Bellewaerde.

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A day at Bellewaerde Park, that's not normal.

There are probably no lions, giraffes and tigers in your garden. And that's normal. Just like your kids sometimes don't know what to do with their energy … and you not with them. And that you are not allowed to play with fire or jump from the roof at home, that is also normal.

But Bellewaerde Park, that's not normal! There your kids will scream with delight on family coasters and water rides; come face to face with the most impressive animals; and your jaw drops during the breathtaking Bengali Stunt & Dive Show. And all that in a beautiful, natural environment!

So? Ready for a day out of the ordinary?

Not normally a lot of jitters in your stomach! Very young or a little older: you never get used to the wonderful jitters that you feel all over your body with us. Splash around on the water rides, zip up and down the family coasters and scream with joy on all the family rides. That's something different than sliding down the banister, isn't it?

Bengali Stunt & Dive Show: not normally exciting! Be literally enchanted by this brand new, spectacular show full of crazy stunts! In this Indian adventure, two heroes try to free their village from the curse of a dark mage by flying, diving, breathing fire and more with their friends. Just a little more daring than jumping on the couch …

Face to eye with breathtaking animals, that's not normal! Bellewaerde Park, that's an exotic bunch. From the monkeys to zebras, all our animals are really cool. Roar from the excitement at the lions and Amur tigers, stick your neck out at the giraffes and let yourself be misled by the flamingos. Because you don't see that so quickly when you look out the window at home, do you?

Wakala, that's not normal! In this adventurous family coaster of Bellewaerde Park, young and old daredevils go on an adventure together. Race through the trees, rise above the water and feel like the chief of Bellewaerde Park! That's a bit crazier than making a tipi with a blanket, isn't it?

Not normally quiet ... Bellewaerde Park is of course excitement and adventure, but also a wonderful place to relax. You wouldn't immediately think so would you? But take a walk through the vast park full of greenery, flower beds and fountains, and discover the jewel of the park: the flower castle with more than 200,000 colorful summer flowers! A plain pergola would be a bit too normal, wouldn't it?


Meenseweg 497

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